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How Hair Rebonding is going to solve my hair problem ? 


Keratin is like a lamination coating on the hair, It increases the life of the hair and it looks better post-treatment, The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, absorb the keratin protein, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. 


How do I trust on Coolcut Club Salon for my Hair Treatment work ? 

Coolcut club salon is member of Loreal  from last 20 years and using Genuine Loreal products for hair services ( Loreal website link attached below ) 

Keratin Treatment near you in Delhi - Locations

Rohini Sector-9

coolcut club salon

Shop Number 01 ( first floor), DDA Market No. - 5 , CSC No. -5 , Sector -9 , Rohini , Delhi 110085 

( Opposite Saket Kunj ) ,

Shop Phone Number : 85870 75601 ,

Nearest metro Station : 0.5 K.M. ( Rohini East )

Rohini Sector -13

coolcut club salon

Shop Number 43 ( first floor), DDA Market No. - 9 , CSC Number - 9 ,Sector -13 , Rohini , Delhi -110085  ( Behind Goodwill Aptt. ) ,

Shop Number : 88001 54762 , 85870 75605 ,

Nearest metro Station : 1.5 K.M. ( Rohini East )

Paschim Vihar

coolcut club salon

Shop Number 68 ( first floor) ,DDA Market - GH 9 , Paschim Vihar , Delhi - 110063 ,( Behind Sunder Vihar ) ,

Shop Phone Number : 85870 75609 ,

Nearest metro Station : 1.50 K.M. ( Peeragarhi )

Vikas Puri

coolcut club salon

Shop Number 107 ( first floor) ,DDA Galaxy Market F - Block , Vikas Puri , 

 Delhi - 110018 , ( Opposite Poorti Aptt. ) ,

Shop Number : 85870 75605 ,

Nearest metro Station : 1.5 K.M. ( Janak Puri-West )


coolcut club salon

Shop Number 03 , DDA Market Number - 1 , A - Block , DDA Flats , Munirka , Delhi - 110067 ,( Near foot over Bridge ) ,

Shop Number : 70-71 873 873 , 26179355 ,

Nearest metro Station : 100 meter ( Munirka )

Keratin Treatment - FAQ 

Why Should I Choose Combo Treatment of Hair Rebonding and Keratin Treatment ? 


Hair Rebonding is a chemical treatment and it should be followed by keratin treatment - which is hair protective and repair treatment - makes hair strong ,smooth and manageable. Keratin Treatment is laminating the hair with keratin protein. ( going for or choosing only Hair Rebonding treatment is not advisable towards good hair management. ) 


What Products we are using for Hair Treatment ? 

 Coolcut club salon is  member of Loreal  from last 20 years and using Genuine Loreal products for hair Treatment  ( Loreal website link attached below ) 

What is the expertise of person doing Hair Treatment ? 


Our staff is trained by Loreal in their academy on regular basis . This resulted in quality service to customers without any complaint. 

How much time and number of sittings required for combo treatment of Hair Rebonding and keratin Treatment ? 

Hair Rebonding requires about 2-3 hours and the same time of 2-3 hours is required for keratin treatment. You need not require to come again and only one sitting is required for whole process. It is advisable to take prior appointment . Parlour timing is 9 am to 9 pm. ( Tuesday off )

How long Keratin treatment last ? 


In one month about 2 inches new hair grown to every person and in 6 months about 1 feet new hair growth is there. This new hair growth requires hair  treatment . We can say that Hair  Treatment usually recommended 2 times a year. 

Thus  Hair  treatment lasts for up to 6 months.However regular use of keratin shampoo increases the lasting period of hair treatment.

Why should I Choose Keratin Treatment ?   


 1. Makes dry and damage hair silky, shine and smooth

 2. Gives you attractive look , keratin is protein that makes the hair healthy

 3. Gives you protective layer against chemical treatment

 4. Best Treatment for Brittle and Porous hair 

 5. Keratin is lamination coating on the hair which increases the life of the hair.

What is the difference between Hair Smoothening and Keratin Treatment ? 


Keratin treatment is protective treatment which laminates the hair shaft and neutralize the chemical while Hair Smoothening is chemical treatment which break the hair bonds and makes hair straight .

Both treatments also use different chemicals and work differently.

Main purpose of hair smoothening is to break and restructure bonds in curly hair. This process of hair smoothening makes the hair permanent straight. On the other hand, keratin hair treatments don’t alter the chemical composition of hair but simply make hair smoother due to the protein being injected into the porous parts of the hair. 

It is advisable to go for combo treatment of hair smoothening and keratin as hair smoothening is chemical treatment which makes permanent straight hair while keratin treatment repair the chemically treated hair by protective laminated layer .

How Keratin Treatment is done in the salon ? 

 1 – Hair Wash: First Hair wash from purifying shampoo for 5-10 minutes in order to remove all oil , dirt etc than rinse out the shampoo and towel dry the hair. Total process time is 15 minutes

 2 – Keratin cream Application: Once hair become 100% dry then start applying Keratin cream section wise, product to be used very carefully ,evenly and in adequate quantity to every section one by one. Hairstylist will either apply the keratin to your towel dry wet hair or blow-dry and apply the product. A brush is used to apply the product and a fine-tooth comb is used to spread the treatment evenly. Leave cream for 30-40 minutes. 

 3. The Keratin cream needs to saturate each strand for about half an hour. 

 4 – Ironing the Hair: flat Ironing of the hair done, Ironing rod should be good quality and must have ceramic plate to have good results, section by section iron the hair, section should be small and repetition will be 8 to 10 time per section. 

 5 – Keratin injection process to chemically treated pores hair -this process is performed by pressing iron. Make sure your stylist is using a professional steam iron ( from Loreal ) or titanium flat iron and setting the right temperature. Always start with low temperatures. 

 Tip: Do not wash your hair for 48 to 72 hours or tie it back since these things can prevent the setting of hair. After the treatment, you’ll be asked to avoid water in the swimming pool and use keratin shampoos for post treatment care.

Can Keratin Treatment be done on thin hair ? 

 Keratin treatment is like laminating the hair shaft with keratin protein which increases the strength of thin hair and makes thin hair strong , smooth and manageable .Keratin treatments are ideal if you have thin hair and you want smooth results .

Effects of Keratin treatment are better when it is done on thin hair, However thin hair requires extra maintenance after any chemical treatment and to minimize the side effects of chemical treatment it is advisable to go for keratin treatment –which laminates the hair shaft with keratin protein and make protective layer over hair shaft - in turn makes thin hair thicker and strong. 

 Taking into consideration that the goal of Keratin treatment is to increase hair volume and thicken hair strands through the addition of the Keratin protein to the hair structure, Keratin presents the best option to both thickening and volumizing of the thin hair.

Can Keratin Treatment cause hair loss or hair damage or hair fall ? 

Keratin treatment laminates the hair shaft with keratin protein which makes hair strong , thicker , smooth and manageable . Actually keratin treatment repair the chemically treated hair by injecting keratin protein into pores areas of hair .

keratin treatment applies keratin directly to the hair. Instead of breaking the hair bonds and reforming them, Keratin treatment injected a high dose of keratin protein directly to the pores hair in order to laminate the hair with protective layer and seal the hair filaments. The result is – stronger , smoother, shinier hair.